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Disrupting the Future of Real Estate Investment

EstateX will make investing in Real Estate Simple, Affordable and Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere.

EstateX is an innovative real estate investment company that is disrupting the marketing. Using blockchain technology to digitise transactions EstateX is bringing the cost of entry into property investing down to as little $100, opening up this once exclusive market and making it accessible to a wider market. There’s a lot more to EstateX’s plans to revolutionise the industry which you can find the Pitch Deck download above

Real Estate Investment for Everyone

We invite you to join us as we revolutionize the future of property ownership & investment, breaking down the barriers that have previously prevented the majority of people from being able to invest in real estate.

The $ESX Token will be used within the EstateX ecosystem to act as a governance token over investment opportunities and provide a range of benefits to token holders through a growing number of commercial partners.

Minimal investment

Invest in real estate from $100.

Non intrusive

No credit checks, large deposits or life-crippling finacing risks.

You're in control

Full control of your real estate investment portfolio.

Hassle Free

Not worrying about property managemnt and maintainace

Regular Passive income

Fractional appreciating property ownership & earn a regualr passive income.


A Hedge against rising inflation.


Trade Real Estate with high liquidity.

High ROI

Better APY than the banks.

Join the Presale Whitelist

To help us build this financially liberating future for everyone, we are releasing a very limited number of $ESX Tokens for sale at a 50% discount to our future listing price.

Why you should buy the ESX Token
Early Bird Discounts

Buy now to get a huge discount on your ESX Tokens

High Growth Potential

Token has wide ranging Utility and International Growth Potential

VIP Whitelist

Exclusive Early Access to New Opportunities

Determine Future Investments

As a governance token, ESX token holders will agree by consensus on investment projects


Presale token holders will receive free tokens in Airdrops

Experienced Team with Proven Record

Marketing Team have delivered Token projects which have 150x’ed


Use ESX as a currency for goods and services at web shops


Presale Token holders will receive exclusive NFT’s

Staking and Rewards

EstateX Supporters will receive generous rewards and a high APY!

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